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We currently mail out the House to House publication to the zip codes surrounding our building, and have plans to expand as time goes along.  If you are not currently receiving the House to House mailout from us, and would like to, or are receiving it and would like to be removed from our mailing list, then please feel free to contact us at or call us at 632-7349.

For more information, please visit the House To House web site at  The H2H web site also contains a lot of great articles and resources for you to enjoy!

Christian Links

If you are the owner of a web site or know of a web site that provides sound, non-controversial, Christian information to the church, please feel free to send an email to  In your request, be sure to include the web site address as well as a good description of the content and purpose of the site. Also tell us how you feel this site could benefit the viewers of this site.

While we are happy to provide as much information to the church at Rockledge, as well as our viewers, we must also be cautious about the sites we provide as links to our viewers.  We are interested in providing links to web sites such as Christian universities, publications, broadcasts, Bible camps, and other such informational sites which are associated with the churches of Christ.  We will consider all requests and will review the site and content before posting a link.
Got a link? All of the links listed here are to sites we deem as both useful and trustworthy resources. If you have a link that you feel may be useful here, then please email it to use at and we will review it. Please understand that we may or may not use any link you may send, depending on whether we feel the content to be in line with our beliefs and useful to our purpose. Also note that we usually do not list links to other church web sites unless there is a certain feature of the site that we feel is noteworthy. Lists of churches are available in much more efficient locations on the web than here.

Locate Churches of Christ

Worldwide Directory churches of Christ
A site dedicated to the listing of churches of Christ around the world. is an excellent source to locate churches of Christ around the world.  All you need is a zip code, city name, or other such location identifiers such as GPS coordinates.

Preaching Schools

Sunset International Bible Institute
Located in Lubbock, TX
Memphis School of Preaching
Located in Memphis, TN
Florida School of Preaching
Located in Lakeland, FL
Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver
Located in Denver, CO

Church Events Websites

 Central Florida Bible Camp
A Christian campground overseen by members of the Lord's church.  The summers are packed with weeks for Bible camps available by various age groups and locations.  The campground is also available for retreats and other such activities throughout the year.

Christian Publications & Broadcasts

Apologetics Press
Apologetics Press is a Christian organization dedicated to the defense of New Testament Christianity through the Bible, science, history, and many other aspects of evidence for the existence of God.  This site has a huge repository of free information useful for defense of the Christian faith.
Gospel Broadcasting Network
The Gospel Broadcasting Network (GBN) is a television network overseen by the Highland church of Christ in Dalton, GA.  Their work is to provide Christian broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  They strive to provide viewing material to people of all ages.  Visit their web site for more information and be sure to check into their on-line live streaming to see what it's like for yourself.  Also, please be sure to contact your local cable company informing them that you would like GBN TV broadcasts over their network.


Christian Universities

Faulkner University
Located in Montgomery, AL
Freed Hardeman University
Located in Jackson, TN
Heritage Christian University
Located in Florence, AL
David Lipscomb University
Located in Nashville, TN
Harding University
Located in Searcy, AR
Oklahoma Christian University
Located in Edmond, OK
Amridge University (Formerly Southern Christian University)
Located in Montgomery, AL

Evangelism and Mission Works

Mt. Dora Christian Academy and
Children's Home

A K-12 Christian school affiliated with the Churches of Christ that also provides housing for students in such need.  This is a wonderful work, and one of the most well known ministries in central FL, that we joyfully support in various ways.

Recommended Studies & Information:

The Silencing of God in America - Dr. Dave Miller, Apologetics Press
The Silencing of God in America - Dr. Dave Miller, Apologetics PressIn these series of sessions with Dr. Dave Miller, director of Apologetics Press, you will be taken into great depths concerning the truth of the morality and beliefs in the Christian religion that America's founders had in mind.  He presents to you state and U.S. Supreme Court cases that ruled in favor of the Bible and the stance that America is a "Christian nation".  He walks you through speech after speech orated by America's founders, and others who were instrumental in its foundation and law, to prove that America was founded upon a belief in God, the Bible, and God's providential protection.  He guides you through document after document, from the U.S. Constitution, to the Declaration of Independence, to George Washington's Thanksgiving Proclamation, and more to prove the fact that we were established as a Christian nation and that our very existence is fully dependent on God and our national relationship with Him.  And there's much more that is presented. Having watched this series, you will be outraged at the vast amount of lies that have propagated to you and our young people, in their schools, concerning the TRUTH of America's heritage and founding principles.  You will also be keenly aware of the fact that America has become the great nation it is because she was once built on Christian morals and principles, and the founders would stand for nothing less.  However, this is quickly fading away.  This series is suitable and understandable from ages teenaged and up and is available in individual or bulk orders.  The links below will open a new window to the Apologetics Press website to order this product.  They have it in DVD and book form.

The Silencing of God in America - DVD

The Silencing of God in America - Book

Christ and the Continental Congress (Sequel to Silencing of God in America)


The Quran and New Testament Christianity - Dave Miller, Apologetics Press
Dave Miller's 3-part seminar on “Islam, the Quran, and New Testament Christianity” taped in Pulaski, Tennessee. These DVDs provide an excellent introduction to Islam, its founder, and its holy book. The 3 individual disc titles are: “Muhammad and Islam,” “Islam and the Quran,” and “May Christians and Muslims Agree?”  The information in these discs is very thorough.  Dr Miller uses a few of the most well accepted English translations of the Quran to present the religion and beliefs of Islam.  He also references many well-known Islamic apologists to present the history and life of Muhammad and the origins of Islam.  This series is suitable and understandable from ages teenaged and up.  We used this video series in our teenaged class to provide our teenagers with an overview of the Islamic religion and the core beliefs.  This helped them understand more about the beliefs of their Muslim peers at school and how to effectively converse with these friends on the differences in their beliefs.  3 DVDs, Approximately 175 min

The Quran & New Testament Christianity: A Seminar on Islam - DVD

Quaran Unveiled - Book